How to install Odoo on Ubuntu?

Step 1: Clone source Odoo from Github at Odoo.

Step 2: Install Postgres by command line

$ sudo dnf install -y postgresql-server 
$ sudo postgresql-setup --initdb --unit postgresql 
$ sudo systemctl enable postgresql 
$ sudo systemctl start postgresql

After installed postgresql, you must be create new user with role super user or role createdb

Step 3: Install Python at Python

As guideline in Odoo, you must be install python3.6 or later. Check version Python by command line: python –version

Step 4: Create virtual environment for your project

$ python -m venv <name_of_virtualenv>

Then, activated your virtual environment and run pip3 install -r requirement.txt when you stay at folder your project.

Okie. You succeed install Odoo on Ubuntu. If you have any question, please comment at post here.


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