Module structure in Odoo


A module is organized in important directories. Those contain the business logic; having a look at them should make you understand the purpose of the module.

  • data/ : demo and data xml. Contain file data demo or file data record of models in odoo.
  • models/ : models definition. Contain all models is Model, AbstractModel, BaseModel (the trust, AbstractModel is BaseModel, Model is inherited BaseModel)
  • controllers/ : contains controllers (HTTP routes)
  • views/ : contains the views and templates. Contain file views of models, templates view.
  • static/ : contains the web assets, separated into css/, js/, img/, lib/, …

Other optional directories compose the module.

  • wizard/ : regroups the transient models (TransientModel) and their views
  • report/ : contains the printable reports and models based on SQL views. Python objects and XML views are included in this directory
  • tests/ : contains the Python tests

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